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Reaper Technologies originally was started to handle the development and licensing of RSAEuro in 1995. RSAEuro was a compatible international alternative to the RSAREF™ Cryptographic Toolkit. RSAEuro however was significantly enhanced with many new features not present in RSAREF™.

Since the inception of Reaper Technologies, the company has been through many phases, initially providing a wide range of Security Consulting Services including Secure Architecture Design, Security Assessment Services and Cryptography Consulting. During the mid-2000s Reaper Technologies moved to being primarily focused on SAP Security Consulting, now Reaper Technologies has gone back to it's roots and is now working on Security Assessment Services and Security Architecture.

Since the early days of Reaper Technologies it has operated the Virus.Org IT Security News site and continues to do so.

We believe that information is an important business asset and like other important business assets it has a value to an organisation and consequently needs to be protected.

We can provide a range of security services to protect this important business asset from a wide range of threats in order to preserve business continuity, maximise return on investment and reduce damage to business.

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