Security Program Consulting

We provide a number of solutions to have build or improve security posture of an organisation. We can assist at many levels from security expertise for a project, to building an entire security function within a business. We have extensive expertise as Security Architects, Application and Network Security Subject Matter Experts and as CISO


Virtual CISO

As a Virtual CISO we will step in and help provide leadership and guidance to bring a security function into a business. Initially identifying areas that of concern and risk, developing strategies to address these concerns and then building a function to manage and implement security direction going forward.


Secure Development Lifecycle

Develop securely, the best way to ensure your systems and applications are secure is to ensure they are designed and implemented securely.

Using our expertise and experience we will help you design and implement a Secure Development Lifecycle tailored for your organisation. Whether your an Agile, DevOps or Traditional Waterfall process driven development environment we can help you get a handle on the implementing your Secure Development Lifecycle that will allow you to develop secure systems and applications.

As well as developing your systems and application with security built into the process of creation it is important to implement them into an environment that provides defence in depth. This means ensuring that the technologies used provide a sound base for security and the right technologies are used together to provide a hardened onion of security.


Technical Training

In order to support the implementation of an Secure Development Lifecycle within an organisation providing knowledge transfer is key, not only for security teams but for the wider organisation.

We provide tailored training for system admins, developers and security teams alike to educate them of the risks of security vulnerabilities within applications and the environments they operate within.



Along side the training we can deliver to a technical audience, we can develop and deliver general security awareness training for the wider business. Covering wider aspects of security designed to raise awareness across the business of the security threats and risks and provide the wider community within the business guidance and tools to improve security posture.