Application Security

We provide a range of Application Security focused services, with the primary goal to improve your security posture by addressing several key areas of security within the applications developed and used by your organisation.

// Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Develop secure, the best way to ensure your applications are secure is to ensure they are developed securely. Using our expertise and experience we will help you design and implement a Secure SDLC program tailored for your organisation. Whether your an Agile or Traditional Waterfall process driven development environment we can help you get a handle on the implementing a Secure SDLC that will allow you to develop applications that will help improve your security posture.

// Secure Architecture

As well as developing your applications with security built into the process of creation it is important to implement them into an environment that provides defense in depth. This means ensuring that the technologies used provide a sound base for security and the right technologies are used together to provide a hardened onion of security.

// Training

In order to support the implementation of an Secure SDLC with developers, as well as providing additional knowledge transfer for security teams training is key. We provide tailored training for developers and security teams alike to educate them of the risks of security vulnerabilities within applications and the environments they operate within.

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